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Full Color Sublimation Tile & Mural Collection


What is Sublimation? Sublimation F.A.Q.


Full color sublimation tile collection. Our sublimation tile line consists of  the largest full color tile selection online. Everything from ceramic to glass floor tiles and solid wood to resin tile mural frames. Our tiles are vigorously designed and tested specifically for this process. These are not your typical home improvement store tiles. If you are looking for something truly unique to decorate your home or office, you have come to the right place.


You get the best quality print available on the market and at a reasonable price., done by your sublimation specialists. We have experienced graphic artists who can design a single tile or tile mural for you. We also have special software that designed for the soul purpose of enlarging photos to work as murals. We can also use your artwork.  See why our full color sublimation is the hottest thing in the awards industry today.



Download our Full Line 2006 Sublimation PDF Catalogs

Click on link to be redirected to our sublimation download page.



Full Color Tile Mural Information

Click Here






DecoTile Ceramic Tiles

Most Popular


Ceramic Tiles


Accent Ceramic Tiles


Spacered Ceramic Tiles

Most Popular


Glow In The Dark Ceramic Tiles


Round Ceramic Tiles



Oval Ceramic Tiles


Aqua Tiles


Tumbled Stone Tiles


Tumbled Stone Tiles


Decorative Glass Tiles


Decorative Glass Tiles

Most Popular


Revolutionary Glass Floor Tiles


Hardboard Tiles

Most Popular

Framed Tiles/Murals - Oak Multi Framed Tiles - Oak
Framed Tiles - Oak Round Tile Frames/Murals - Wood
Framed Tiles - Oak Tile Plaques

Framed Tiles -

Oak Tile Plaques / Sconce


Framed Tiles - Painted Wood

Framed Tiles/Murals -

Lobster Trap

Unisub™ Tile Frames / Trivets Unisub™ Tile Murals
Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Ancient Stone Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Ropestone
Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Driftwood Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Dam
Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Keystone Coral Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Porthole

Resin Framed Tiles/Murals -


Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Barnwood
Resin Framed Tiles/Murals -


Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Wood Deco
Resin Framed Tiles/Murals - Wicker Tile Iron Trivet



See our other Sublimation Product Lines

Click on link to be redirected to our sublimation main page.






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