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Benton Trophy Online - Photo Engraving

Here is the story!  A few years back one of our engraving system manufacturers had a contest for the best engraving using their engraving systems. The determined people we are, we decided to play around a bit with some various software and found something truly amazing for this type of engraving system. What resulted was a photo engraved of Lady Diana using 1000's or little lines, that when seen at certain angles gives a very detailed look. Guess what?  We won!. Everyone who owned one of their machines was eligible to send something in to the corporate office, meaning it was open to the entire world. Thanks to Ron's ingenious idea we took home the first place prize.

Here is the funny part. We actually got a call form the manufacturer not believing it was done on their engraving systems. They thought is was done on a laser engraving system, they were wrong. They liked it so much, but still could not figure out how in the world we pulled it off, that in the end we actually sent them the file we used to engrave this unique idea.
The reason this works the way it does, is due to the reflective nature of the engraving itself. As you move the engraving in any direction you will see reflections at all kinds of angles. The interesting part is that when seen up close it looks like a bunch of lines and looks pretty bad, but step back a few feet and see the amazing results for yourself. You should see how bad it looks on our computer screens, but when it is all engraved up, it is truly amazing what we invented.

This has been one of our best kept secrets since then. We have done a few jobs here and there with this process but never really had the amazing response from it until lately. Go Figure?


We are proud to let the entire world know that we can photo engrave and at a very reasonable price considering the process involved. Look below at the samples and pricing.


Please note that these pictures do not do full justice to the images, as it is impossible to show light emitting from different angles online or in print.



Photo Engraving Samples

Click on Images for Larger View


Photo Engraving

our 1st Place

"Award Winning"

Lady Diana

on Black Brass




Photo Engraving

Church Photo

on Black Brass/Walnut Plaque


Photo Engraving

Semi Photo

on Black Brass, Solid Walnut Wall Clock


Photo Engraving

Church Photo Detailed

on Black Brass



Photo Engraving

Ocean Rock Sample

on Black Brass


Photo Engraving

Ocean Rock Sample

on Black Aluminum





Photo Engraving Pricing


Production  Time: 7 to 10 business days without shipping

Engraving Charge: $75.00

Includes photo touchup, setup and engraving of the first image.

Ask for pricing on additional copies of the photo engraved.




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